Walk into ROC Boxing & Fitness and prepare to feel exhilarated. It's raw. Energized. It's a place where people come to improve themselves; improve their strength, their fitness, their self-confidence. It's also a place where an incredibly diverse group of people come together and feel a great sense of camaraderie. And have a lot of fun, even if the workouts are often painfully rigorous.

Our Mission at the ROC is to give our members a different type of workout. Our training classes and sessions use a mix of old school boxing training methods along with the latest functional strength training principles, a variety of kettlebell techniques and skills, and help individuals who train with us greatly improve their cardiovascular conditioning in addition to building confidence and discipline.

It all starts with Coach Dom.

A recognized fixture in the Rochester boxing community for over 40 years, Dominic Arioli - or Coach Dom, as he is known - embodies the spirit of the ROC that he has been building since 2006.

Read Coach Dom's full bio here.